Waste Legacy

The idea for a collection that originates from waste - being marble, it is ‘noble waste’ anyway - stems from a visit by architect and designer Frédéric Fourrichon to the ‘piana dei marmi’ (marble plain), a large open-air deposit where all the waste materials from the furnishing projects of the Elements Milano showroom are collected. “When I entered this place and saw the waste, I began to glimpse its potential. I absolutely had to do something, to think of a way to give new life to that accumulation of marble” Fourrichon explains. 

“We live in an era where rethinking the way we do design is a duty, both ethical and social. We are indeed at a point of no return: consumerism must give way to a culture of saving resources - of whatever kind - that is environmentally and people-friendly. By now this change is underway and we architects and designers just need to accelerate the process by transforming our design approach. For example, we should take Design for Disassembly more into account, and learn to integrate waste management already at the design stage to avoid unnecessary waste.”

UPCA*UPcycling CApsule

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Location: Berlin / Milan


Client: Elements Milano Showroom


Dates: "Waste Legacy" Upcycling Furniture Capsule, Milan Design Week, FuoriSalone 2022


Team: Fourrichon Architecture with Davide Vianello


Credits:  Photo: ©Davide Volpi

Graphic design: Giulia Herman

Upcycling furnitures: 

Made from available waste Material

Upcycling Marble, Upcycling Terrazzo, Recycling Glas, Upcycling carton



2022, "Waste Legacy ©Fourrichon Architecture

Fra Spazio e tempo", Fuorisalone, Milan design week 2022 


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