Marble Table M series


Gravity Marble Table
M Series

M like...

The Marble table M series is name after the Melampo Fashion Brand, for which we design this table for its Flagshipstore in Berlin. The concept of the store was a Milan apartment look in which we integrate this circular Gravity Marble Table with iconic Carrara classic white. The first of a long series. (hommage to the italian design of the 70')

Fourrichon_product_table_serie_M_melampo store_interior
Fourrichon_product_table_serie_M_melampo store



Location: Berlin - Mitte

Client: Melampo Milano

Dates: 2013

Credits:  Photo: ©FourrichonArchitecture

Graphic design: Giulia Herman

Custom furniture: 

Marble, Terrazzo:  on request