• 2017 | 2019 – Theater & Music school in Friedrichshain BOXTH_06_FLF-Design_0349

      After the wall fall, the underground level of this factory building becomes un-useable since the states pump factory have been dismantled. To reactivate the used of the underground level, a water-proof Steel-Concrete slab have been implement in order to host new rooms. Additionally, the basement under the courtyard allowed to create wider pilar free structure in which today the theatre room is hosted. Formerly spread through the building and squeeze in reduce floor height for performance, the Theatre have been relocated with all its facilities to the underground, moving the repetition room of the theatre school beside in order to create a full functioning Theatre.

      Main Facade of the fabric building in the backyard, Boxhagener Str.18 @FLF Architecture Design

      Main Facade of the fabric building in the backyard, Boxhagener Str.18


      Theatre Entrance the backyard


      Open air Theatre over the underground Theatre main Room



      Open Air Theatre surrounded by trees


      walkable skylight of the underground Theatre, Boxhagener Str.18 @FLF Architecture Design


      Music School and Chor in a direct connection to the open air theatre


      Skylight view from underground Theatre


      Underground Theatre room framed from its original wall limits


      Underground Theatre inside view


      Underground Theatre inside overview


      Underground Theatre under the sky light


      Underground Theatre backside