• 2009 | Interaktywne Centrum Historii, Ostrawa Tumskiego / Poznan / Poland Presentation model     ©wostarchitects
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      The building is formally connected with a bridge – a new venue for meetings, reflections and views of Ostrow and środka. The bridge refers metaphorically to the original function of the lock – engaging and disengaging, and flowing from the people and information.

      Our urban basic idea was to design the center along the axis between the Western and Eastern, today only symbolically, the existing site of the former sluice with a view to the importance of the “flowing through highlight” of people and events in the past and the place a to give new meaning in the present and the future.


      Interaktywne Centrum Historii – …/ Prenstation model

      Bridge connection level

      Interaktywne Centrum Historii – …/ Bridge connection level

      Public side elevation

      Interaktywne Centrum Historii – …/ Public side elevation

      night shot

      Interaktywne Centrum Historii – …/ night shot